Metal Buildings

Metal Buildings Range and Civil Construction, LLC is an Authorized Varco Pruden Metal Buildings Installer.  Below is a sample of projects RACC has done with Metal Buildings. Multi-Purpose Machine Gun Range Range 24, Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri Modified Record Fire Ranges 7 and 8, Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri Combat Pistol Qualification Course Range 21, Fort Leonard […]


Maintenance POCA – CACTF III Repairs 1 and 2, Fort Riley, Kansas

Infrastructure Improvements

Infrastructure Improvements SATOC – Site 4 MP Battalion CHBD Site Infrastructure Ft. Riley, Kansas SATOC – Combat Engineer Battalion Complex Site Work Site 5, Fort Riley, Kansas


Ranges Here at RACC, range is not only in our company name, it is in our blood. Our employees have all been chosen for their experience on range work. Types of ranges completed by our employees include; MRF, MGR, AGR, MPTR, DMPTR, DMPRC, IPBAC, DMPBAC, LFV, UAC, CP/MPQC, ISBC. The below is a list of […]