Automated Record Fire Range, Fort McCoy, WI

The Automated Record Fire (ARF) Range includes and Operations Storage Building, Range Operation Center (ROC) Tower, Classroom Building, Wet Latrine, Covered Bleacher Enclosure, Covered Mess and Ammunition Breakdown Building.

The ARF has 16 firing lanes, each being 20 meters wide as well as concrete Firing Posistions, 120 SIT Emplacements and underground electric and data to each of the emplacements from the ROC.  The support facilities include a connection to existing underground power lines, underground electric to the ROCA, Septic System, Well and Waterline and Storm Drainage.  Supporting facilities also include clearing as well as grading and drainage.  The project required work in a known low-risk unexploded ordinance (UXO) area.  UXO Removal performed by others.