At Range and Civil Construction, safety is a top priority to ensure outstanding performance.

We are proud to have worked over 200,000 man-hours, and counting, without a safety incident.

Here are some samples of safe man hours:

0 Hours

Modified Record Fire Range, Fort Sill, Oklahoma

0 Hours

SATOC Site 4, Fort Riley, Kansas

0 Hours

SATOC Site 5, Fort Riley, Kansas

0 Hours

Scout RECCE, Fort McCoy, Wisconsin
Green and orange racetrack safety sign with the text "racc safe" diagonally across it.

Safety Philosophy

At RACC, our safety philosophy is at the forefront of our mission, reflecting the utmost
importance we place on the well-being of our team members and the success of our
military and government contracting endeavors. We recognize that when working in
collaboration with the military and government, the stakes are high, and precision and
discipline are Vital. Our commitment to safety is deeply ingrained in our organizational
culture, as we understand that it is not only a matter of compliance but a fundamental
element that leads to the success of our projects. We adhere to rigorous safety protocols,
employing proactive measures and state-of-the-art training to ensure the highest
standards of safety for our personnel. In military and government contracting, where
precision and reliability are non-negotiable, our dedication to safety is a strategic imperative.
By prioritizing safety, we exceed safety requirements and contribute to our partnerships'
overall success and effectiveness.