At Range and Civil Construction, we strive for quality every day. As stated in our mission statement, “we are committed to 100% customer satisfaction.”

Who better to attest to our dedication to quality than our customers?

Their QC staff was well organized and paid attention to detail… The high quality of QC documentation was a reflection of their professionalism.

Jeffery Bussy | Construction Manager

Modified Record Fire Range | 
Fort Sill, Oklahoma

Work completed 6 weeks ahead of schedule”
“Great can do attitude, honors all agreements verbal and written.

Travis A. Lynch | Contracting Officer’s Representative

Combat Pistol Qualification Course (Range 21) | 
Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri

There is an old adage that says: ‘You are only as good as your people’….RACC is living proof that this belief certainly carries some weight.

Of the 22+ Projects I have managed during my short tenure with ACS, RACC out performed nearly all other Earthwork Contractors I have dealt with.

From the CEO to the equipment operator on the ground, the RACC Team (as a whole) demonstrated upmost professionalism; respect to ACS’s Project Team and our mutual customer – the Government.

Gregory Allen Walker | ACS

Live and NLF MOUT Project Manager

The positive attitude and responsiveness of the RACC team was a joy to work with.

RACC’s technical and management ability ensured an efficient execution of the work and a quick response to changing situations.

Very professional, Can Do organization, up and down the ranks.

Kristofer Upson | Resident Engineer

SATOC – Site 4 MP Battalion CHBD Site Infrastructure | Fort Riley, Kansas