Modified Record Fire Ranges 7 and 8, Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri

The two 16 lane Modified Record Fire Training Ranges are located at the site of old Range 8.

The project required clearing and grubbing, of approximately 60 acres of trees and vegetation, demolition/recycling of 2 buildings, 32 firing positions and 144 Stationary Infantry Targets, 4,000 LF of silt fence to be installed, 3 large sedimentation basins, approximately 80,000 cubic yards of earthwork, crushed stone parking and maintenance roads, installation of 288 precast concrete Stationary Infantry Targets, construction of 32 cast-in-place concrete Walk-in Firing Positions, building pads for 2 Control Towers, 2 General Instruction Buildings, 2 Ammo Breakdown Buildings, 2 Bleacher Enclosures and 2 Latrines, trenching for and installation of storm/water/sanitary sewer/gas lines, temporary and permanent seeding of site.