Known Distance Range, Fort McCoy, WI

The Known Distance (KD) Range includes an Operations Storage Building, Range Operation Center (ROC) Tower, Classroom Building, Wet Latrine, Covered Bleacher, Covered Mess, and Ammo Breakdown Building.

The KD Range has 32 lanes, each being 7m wide. The KD Range consists of a single row of targets behind an elongated retaining wall of varying elevations located at the 0m line. Earthen berms are used as Firing Positions that start at the 100m line and are placed at 100m intervals out to 1000m.

The KD range will be used to train and evaluate units during a live fire exercise. Units will be trained and evaluated on their ability to engage targets that vary from 100m to 1000m downrange from a stationary firing position.

The support facilities also include a connection to the existing overhead power lines for electrical power, underground electric to the ROCA, Septic System, Well and Waterline, and Storm Drainage System. Supporting facilities will also include clearing, grading and drainage. The project requires work in a known low-risk unexploded ordinance (UXO) area. Removal is done by others.