POCA - CACTF III Repairs 1 and 2, Fort Riley, Kansas

Task Order 0001 consisted of completing work items left by prior design-build contractor as well as punch-list items for prior design-build contractor.

The work consisted of: site regrading, culverts, riprap installation, ditch regrading, sub-drains, area inlets, pipe bollards, caulking, roof repairs, fencing, HVAC, doors and hardware, gutters/downspouts, electrical/data, ductbanks, cables, panels and terminations, topsoil and permanent seeding.

Task Order 0002 was for Repairs to Base Operations Facility. This work consisted of interior electrical/data conduits, wiring, cables, trays, panels, control wiring and terminations.

Task Order 0003 was for Bldg 8460 6-COF Mezzanine Flooring Change to VCT. The work consisted of VCT flooring, base, painting and doors/hardware.

Task Order 0004 was for Construct Horse Jump Sign and Locate Water Valve. This work consisted of stone and masonry work, decorative wood signage, as well as excavation and backfill operations.