SATOC – Site 4 MP Battalion CHBD Site Infrastructure Ft. Riley, Kansas

The work included the design and construction of site and infrastructure improvements for a Battalion Head Quarters, Company Operations Facility and a Tactical Equipment Maintenance Facility. The project had time critical intermediate due dates for three building pads. The project consisted of; clearing, grubbing, 160,000 cubic yards of earthwork, grading and compaction, installation of site utilities to include the 3000 feet of storm drainage, sanitary sewer system, 2500 linear feet of waterline, 8000 linear feet of natural gas piping, 3600 linear feet of underground electric and fiber installation, large building pads, 700’ decorative concrete retaining wall, 28,000 square feet of asphalt paving for parking lots, 2500 square yards of concrete sidewalks, gutter and curbing, concrete running trail, 1200 linear feet of fencing and street lighting. RACC self-performed the clearing and grubbing, earthwork, installation of crushed stone for parking and roads, installation of utility systems, stormwater pollution and prevention, erosion control measures, the excavation and backfill of a 660 LF concrete retaining wall, and temporary and permanent seeding of the site.